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Title Speaker Series Power Point Outline Date Audio
#2 Graphite Pencil Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 02/11/2018
#2 Graphite Pencil - Part 2 Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 02/18/2018
23rd Psalm Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 12/31/2017
Ants Can Teach Us a Lesson Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 03/18/2018
Are We Entering a Time of Persecution? Clay Bethea 10/22/2017
Check Ourselves Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 06/04/2017
Come and See Trey Head 05/21/2017
Did You Do Anything for the Lord? Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 10/15/2017
Ephesians Dan Chaney 05/11/2017
Gifts from Above Trey Head 08/06/2017
Hope Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 05/28/2017
How Aware Are You of Jesus? Reggie Varnadore 11/19/2017
How Can I Take the Name of Jesus with Me? Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 10/01/2017
How Did I Get Through Last Year? Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 01/07/2018
How Many People Became Christians Because of You? Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 11/12/2017
How to enjoy being a Christian Robert Harkrider 07/30/2017
I Peter - Don't Fear Clay Bethea 02/25/2018
I Peter 3 - Our Behavior Clay Bethea 01/14/2018
I Peter 4 - Quit Living in the Flesh Clay Bethea 03/04/2018
I wish I had known... Dan Chaney 05/13/2017
If you could be born to any parents in all of history... Dan Chaney 05/13/2017
In the Mind of Christ Reggie Varnadore 11/26/2017
Isaiah 1 Nathan Peeler 08/23/2017
Isaiah 36-37 Nathan Peeler 08/25/2017
Isaiah 52-53 Nathan Peeler 08/26/2017
Isaiah 58 Nathan Peeler 08/27/2017
Isaiah 6 Nathan Peeler 08/24/2017
Joy Dan Chaney 05/12/2017
Labor in the Vineyard Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 01/28/2018
Living Your Life Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 06/25/2017
No other Book Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 07/09/2017
Only One Source of Authority Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 12/10/2017
Our Lord Will Always do the Right Thing Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 10/08/2017
Paul writes about Joy Clay Bethea 09/24/2017
Peter Reggie Varnadore 07/23/2017
Preeminent Supremacy Andy Berendt 09/17/2017
Pride and Humility Clay Bethea 12/03/2017
Put Your Faith in God Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 09/10/2017
Repentance Trey Head 09/03/2017
Saul Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 10/29/2017
Spiritual Decay Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 12/17/2017
Surprise Attacks Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 11/05/2017
The answer is here in God's word Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 07/16/2017
The First Christians Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 12/24/2017
The Lord always gives us a way out... Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 08/13/2017
There are Some Beyond God's Help Reggie Varnadore 07/02/2017
Unlikely Places Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 08/20/2017
Who Do You Think is a Hero? Hugh "Bubba" Hodge 03/11/2018
Wisdom & Friendship Nathan Peeler 08/27/2017
Remembering Lot 2015