How To

HOW TO’s in the App

Our church app is simplified to accommodate all ages. If you have any questions, please let us know.

  • Home will always take you back to the home page
  • Bible is just some suggested readings using Depending on the version, audio may be available also.
  • Calendar is simply the upcoming services
  • Classes may contain study materials for the upcoming classes, etc.
  • How To¬† (this page) for an explanation of what each of the pages are
  • Hymns For Worship has a free version where most of our selections come from or a paid version with more. Links are on here for you (free and paid versions) to download the app if you wish or you may use your phone’s internet browser to access.
  • Media is where the past sermons are located, so that you can listen to them again.
  • Messages check frequently for messages from the men concerning services, facility, etc.
  • Reset Church will log you out of the app. Simply enter Walnut St. Church of Christ to enter back in.


  • Account is your information and your family members. You may update the information here. Click on individuals to select permissions.
  • Address is our Contact List
  • Go To Meetings is how to login and see/hear Worship service and classes. Link directly from here.
  • Groups are for separate organized activities, such as note writing, visiting, etc. information.
  • Prayer shows current prayer requests and allows you to submit one.
  • Schedule may show Worship service assignments, as well as facility cleanup, etc.